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MU33, GE | Surge Arrester, Prolec Transformer

Surge Arrester, Prolec Transformer

Arresters - Transformers

Surge Arrester, Porcelain High-Voltage, Metal Top, 108kVrms for Prolec Transformer. A surge arrester is a device that protects electrical equipment from being affected by over-voltage. Also known as a surge protection device, this device is used to protect your equipment from being damaged by high voltage. Need help determining the correct part number? Reach out to our technical support team. Parts Super Center supplies renewal parts for an array of transformers, simplifying maintenance and upkeep needs for the power generation and distribution industries. Our product lines cover renewal parts for Power transformers 15 - 700MVA, Sub-station transformers 112.5KVA - 25MVA, Distribution transformers 10-5000KVA and Voltage regulators.

Weight: 300 lbs

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