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PSC is qualified to assist with the identification and supply of genuine OEM renewal parts for industrial electrical 
equipment, as well as to provide supply chain solutions for legacy mechanical lines. Located in Indianapolis, we are 
authorized by OEM’s to supply renewal parts. 

Do you need technical support? Don't hesitate to contact or technical experts.

Transformers & Motors

Fred Bird | Program Manager
Fred.Bird@PSCParts.com | 814-203-7033

Transformer Specialists

Nino Pedone | Large Power Transformers
Nino.Pedone@PSCParts.com | 609-462-1810

Jim Greer, Jr. | Sub-Station Transformer Parts
Jimmy.GreerJr@PSCParts.com | 706-506-6298
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Tommy Armstrong | Sub-Station Transformer Parts
Thomas.Armstrong@PSCParts.com | 706-290-3568
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Ryan Childs | Voltage Regulators, Transformers
Ryan.Childs@PSCParts.com | 317-554-3704
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Jim Greer Sr. | Replacement Transformers
Jim.Greer@PSCParts.com | 706-290-3568 

Circuit Breakers & Switchgears

Paul Wasacz | Program Manager
Paul.Wasacz@PSCParts.com | 856-241-4737

Circuit Breakers & Switchgear Specialists

Linda Teter | High/Medium Voltage
Linda.Teter@PSCParts.com | 856-241-4739
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Gary Wiegard | Low/Medium Voltage
Gary.Wiegard@PSCParts.com | 319-217-0090
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Dale Storer
Dale.Storer@PSCParts.com | 856-241-4701
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Paul Hillman 
Paul.Hillman@PSCParts.com | 856-241-4710
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Industrial Drives & Controls

Industrial Drives & Control Specialist

Lisa Dominguez | Drives & Controls
Lisa.Dominguez@PSCParts.com |317-554-3787
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Bob Schneider | General Purpose Controls
Bob.Schneider@PSCParts.com | 1-317-494-2689
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Bruce Mitchell | Drive Systems
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John Mirro | National Sales Manager
John.Mirro@PSCParts.com | 317-554-3909

Regional Sales Leaders

Christopher Olsen | North Atlantic Region
Christopher.Olsen@PSCParts.com | 317-450-4000
Schedule a meeting with Christopher here

Paul Zecchino | Southeast Region
Paul.Zecchino@PSCParts.com | 770-575-7379
Schedule a meeting with Paul here

Frank Kantner | Midwest Region
Frank.Kantner@PSCParts.com |317-460-7896
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Rosemary Abramson | Gulf Central Region
Rosemary.Abramson@PSCParts.com | 317-864-9654
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Justin Sandlin | Pacific Region
Justin.Sandlin@PSCParts.com | 317-464-9708
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