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Parts Super Center at Doble

Sep 28, 2020, 13:07 PM by Rachel Pope

Parts Super Center continues to stay dedicated and connected to our customers by leveraging technology. Although the current environment isn't ideal, our team has made sure to take advantage of various opportunities to provide the best service possible.

Over the last few days, our team took part in the first-ever Virtual Doble Trade Show. Like many organizations, Parts Super Center has embraced the virtual environment. Although this is a brand new experience for many of us, we are excited to see the industry adapt to this new environment. 

In preparation for the 2020 Virtual Doble Trade Show, we implemented a few new ways to get in contact with our team as well as develop new promotional materials.

First, we implemented Calendly - a tool that allows you so see availability and schedule time with a sales/technical representative in seconds. 

Schedule time with a PSC Expert

We also created several new cut-sheets to help customers become more aware of PSC offerings.

We also created a video to help attendees get to know our team. If you're interested in learning more, make sure to watch the video below.

If you didn't get a chance to attend this year's Virtual Doble Trade Show, please schedule some time with your Regional Sales Leader.

Regional Sales Leaders

Christopher Olsen | North Atlantic Region
Christopher.Olsen@PSCParts.com | 317-450-4000
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Paul Zecchino | Southeast Region
Paul.Zecchino@PSCParts.com | 770-575-7379
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Frank Kantner | Midwest Region
Frank.Kantner@PSCParts.com |317-460-7896
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Rosemary Abramson | Gulf Central Region
Rosemary.Abramson@PSCParts.com | 317-864-9654
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Justin Sandlin | Pacific Region
Justin.Sandlin@PSCParts.com | 317-464-9708
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