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Service Advisory For GE ML32 and VR1 Voltage Regulators

Feb 12, 2020, 15:46 PM by Rachel Pope

GE ML32 and VR1 Voltage Regulators

Reason for Service Advisory:

Much like how the brake pads in your car wear out every time you step on the brake pedal; so do the contacts in your voltage regulator mechanism with every operation. Every time the position changes on the tap, the trailing (or drag arm) on the movable contact wears down both itself and the stationary contact. Over time the contacts will wear to the point they need to be replaced. 

What you should do:

Have the parts on hand and ready to go. If you are performing maintenance or checks on the unit and will be un-tanking the mechanism; inspect the contacts and have spares available to replace worn ones.

To replace the contacts with the mechanism un-tanked:

  1. Run tap changer to neutral. Tap is in neutral when reversing switch contact is between left and right assembly.
  2. Remove locking string and fiber nut.
  3. Remove snap ring and washer. Use needle nose pliers to pull snap ring off.
  4. Remove lock nuts and separate panels. Lay unit on its back and pull up. Front panel should come right off. Parts Super Center 7555 Woodland Drive, Ste. A Indianapolis, IN 46278
  5. Remove one stationary contact and remove movable contact carrier. Need to remove one stationary to allow space for movable assembly to spin to. Pull up on movable assembly to remove.
  6. Replace stationary contacts as needed. Washers go on back side of panel
  7. Lay a straight edge across shelves to check for flatness
  8. Bend as necessary to minimize gap between shelf and straight edge
  9. Replace movable contact carrier and replace remaining stationary contact. May need to push hard to snap movable contact carrier in place.
  10. Reassemble panels. Make sure the pin on the Geneva gear fits into the slot on movable contact arm.
  11. Tighten bottom lock nuts
  12. Tighten top fiber nut. Lock in place with string
  13. Replace washer and snap ring. Snap ring fits on small groove in pin.
  14. Test for operation.

How Parts Super Center Can Help

PSC keeps stock of the stationary and movable contacts for GE Voltage Regulators. In addition, we have extensive records and parts lists for the legacy and newer units. Simply provide the serial number of the regulator you are working on and we can identify the correct contacts and many additional renewal parts. Contact sales@pscparts.com or call 800-727-8443 for assistance and pricing.

Please feel free to download our Service Advisory Guide.