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GE Digital Energy Multilin Terminal Boards (EB Series)

EB-1/2/4 Terminal Boards

The EB-1 is a one-piece molded terminal board. Each is equipped with binding screws for circuit wire connections and a white marking strip for circuit identification. The EB-2 is of the same basic construction and dimensions as the EB-I except that clamp (pressure) type connectors are furnished for circuit wire connections. Both the EB-1 and EB-2 will accommodate wires up to and including Number 4.

Where a large amount of small wiring is necessary on the back of switchboard, the terminal boards listed below will be found very convenient for attaching the wires, not to exceed No. 8 in size. Molded-composition terminal beards make possible neat, compact arrangements on the back of the switchboard.

EB-25/26/27 Terminal Boards

The EB-25, -26, and -27 terminal blocks are molded one-piece design available in 4, 6, and 12 points.

They are furnished with washer-less head binding screws (#10-32) for circuit wire connections. The blocks are supplied with a black marking strip with white numbers on one side, and white unmarked on the reverse side for circuit identification. To mount the terminal block, drill for a No. 10 screw. The board will accommodate No. 18 to No. 10 inclusive wire sizes.

The EB-26 is of the same construction and dimensions as the type EB-25, except the claim type connections are furnished for circuit wire connections. The board will accept wire sizes No.18 to No.10 inclusive.

The EB-27 terminal block is the same as the type EB-25, except that short circuit strips are supplied in lieu of a marking strip.

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