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Remote Racking Mechanism


Used on 5kv and 15kv Vertical Lift Switchgear this System allows the door to remain closed during raising and lowering operation for added measure of operator safety. The Remote Racking System consists of a portable motor, which connects through a door-mounted receptacle to a remote control unit via a 30 ft. cable.

Operator Safety

  • Operator controls raising and lowering of circuit breaker from remote position
  • Breaker cubicle door is closed during racking process
  • Operator controls charge, close and open functions from remote position.
  • This safety feature will remotely rack and control the breaker for GE Magne-Blast and VL Breakers with the true “Closed Door” design

Easy Equipment Modification

  • New motor and one-time switchgear modification
  • For each application, one remote control unit and one portable motor are required.
  • For each unit to be modified, order one receptacle kit. Each receptacle kit consists of a terminal block, receptacle and wire harness, and standard schematic and connection diagrams.

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