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AK/AKR Non-Asbestos Arc Quencher Replacement Kits

non-asbestos-arc-chute_clip_image002GE’s Non-Asbestos Arc Quencher Replacement Kits are designed to replace asbestos plate style arc quenchers on AK and early AKR power circuit breakers with reliable, steel plate style arc quenchers used on modern AKR breakers.. Non-Asbestos Arc Quencher Replacement Kits are shipped complete with detailed installation instructions and everything you need for fast and easy arc quencher replacement.

  • Non-asbestos metal plate or ceramic arc quenchers
  • Contact guides and arc runners (when required)
  • Asbestos free replacement barriers (when required)
  • ANSI C37.59 tested for dielectric, trip calibration and short circuit ensuring breaker performance to original specifications
  • Installation is typically done in less than one hour (see Installation Instructions GEH–6464)

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