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Morgan AM&T National Carbon Products

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Improved reliability

Carbon brushes conduct electricity between a moving conductor and a stationary conductor, with minimal loss from arcing and with minimal damage to the moving part. They are used in direct current (DC) applications on motors and generators, in some larger horsepower alternate current (AC) motors, and in various small AC motors. Industrial markets with heavy carbon brush usage include steel, coal, and paper industries.

The right carbon brush is important for long commutator life, maximum brush life and outstanding motor performance. Parts Super Center offers a variety of National Electrical Carbon brushes to ensure the correct brush is available to meet your unique application requirements.

If available provide the following information:
1.    Original equipment part number
2.    Motor name plate data
3.    Commutator or slip ring
4.    Present brush grade - usually stamped on the back of the brush

Standard brush grades

  • Carbon graphite
  • Electrographitic
  • Graphite
  • Metal graphite

Special brush types

  • Laminated
  • Fluted
  • Pre-radius
  • Rubber hardtop
  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface rounding

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