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Low Voltage Remote Racking Device
WavePro™ and EntelliGuard® Remote Racking


GE's low voltage switchgear remote racking device is the first to employ this medium voltage safety feature. It allows operators to move up to 30 feet away from a draw-out breaker during racking procedures, a safety feature previously only available in medium voltage switchgear.

Easy to operate, the product's cable–connected handheld device permits remote control of the gearbox and racking motor. A simple push of a start button draws the circuit breaker out with a 115–volt motor in the gearbox. Another push of the button racks the circuit breaker back into place.

Along with new safety and ease–of–use features, GE's low voltage switchgear remote racking device offers:

  • A fully operational portable gearbox that allows a user to easily move a draw–out circuit breaker between "connect" and "disconnect" positions, provide "in/out" racking control with a motor directional switch and control power with a circuit breaker reset toggle switch.
  • The convenience of using 115–volt AC power with a four–foot, plug–in power cord, and a sliding latch for attachment to the front of the breakers (WavePro™or EntelliGuard®).
  • Compatibility and retrofit capability for products shipped before June 2005: small frame (800–2000 Amp) WavePro® breakers accept the racking device without modification; existing large frame (3200–5000 Amp) WavePro™ breakers compatible by simply replacing the cubicle door; all EntelliGuard® breakers accept the racking device without modifications; and large frame WavePro™ breakers (3200 Amp and above) require an accessory kit.

AKR Remote Racking


The remote racking operator allows the user to move a draw-out circuit breaker between the CONNECT, TEST and DISCONNECT positions via an electric racking motor and gearbox attached to the front of the breaker. The remote racking operator requires 115Vac, 50/60Hz control power. A control box connected to the operator with a thirty-foot cable permits control from a remote location.

Prior to the initial use of the remote racking operator, a one time modification must be made to each breaker and breaker compartment door. The remote racking operator is portable and is designed for attachment to the AKR Low Voltage Circuit Breaker in AKD-8 Switchgear.



  • GE design
  • GE tested
  • Quick installation and start-up
  • For all AKR breaker models
  • Lightweight design
  • Mounts directly to the breaker
  • Remotely operated up to 30 feet away
  • Price affordable
  • Custom PSC Safekit case

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