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Limitamp Contactors


GE Limitamp Contactor (motor control center) provides an economical means of centralizing motor starters and related control equipment. It permits motor control starters, feeders, isolator switches, distribution transformers, interlocking relays, programmable control, metering and other miscellaneous devices to be obtained in a single floor mounted structural assembly fed from a common enclosed main bus.

Limitamp contactors are constructed of standardized heavy gauge vertical sections housing vertical and horizontal buses and compartmentalized starters. Sections are bolted together to form a single line-up assembly. The entire center may be powered by incoming line connection at a single point.

Limitamp contactors are used in a variety of applications, including AC induction motors, wound rotor induction motors, synchronous motors, transformers and capacitor banks and serve a broad scope of industrial users, with the largest installed base in North America.

Generations of limitamp air and vacuum contactors can be found in paper mills, utilities, rubber mills, steel mills, petrochemical and water treatment facilities, the automotive industry and in industrial chillers.