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Voltage Regulators

Inductrol® Voltage Regulator
The Inductrol is a variable autotransformer, similar in construction to an electric motor that can hold fluctuating voltages to precise limits, or provide an adjustable voltage output, or both!

The INDUCTROL® will solve theses types of problems!

  • Motor over heating
  • Uneven electric heating
  • Lamps burn-out, slow start, go out
  • Malfunction of medical equipment
  • Malfunction of communication equipment
  • Automated machine controller burn out
  • Computer electrical component burn out
  • Over-bussing long feeder runs

The INDUCTROL® can be applied in these situations

  • Electronics (RADAR, Radio & TV, Cell Towers)
  • Industrial (Welding, Electrochemical, Furnace)
  • Laboratory (Motor Testing, Energy research)
  • Commercial (Facility Lighting, Data Centers, HVAC)
  • Medical (Imaging, Patient Monitoring, Diagnostics)
  • Generation (Field Control, Precipitators, Coolers)
  • Agriculture (Remote Dairy and Irrigation Systems)

Inductrol® Voltage Regulators pay for themselves – No matter what the application, variations in voltage can cause considerable loss of time and money.  By reducing unnecessary downtime and costs, integrating the Inductrol® into your system will pay for itself over time.  What’s more alternative methods for solving poor voltage problems are usually more expensive than the Inductrol®.

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