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IEC Manual Motor Starters (GPS1 and GPS2)

GE’s Surion IEC motor starters are compact and reliable devices that provide control of a motor. The GPS1 line spans current ranges from 0.1A to 32A for use with motors up to 30hp at 600V, the GPS2 line extends the current range to 63A for motors up to 50hp.

Surion GPS1 starters are available in two versions, the GPS1BS with a toggle operator or the GPS1BH and GPS2BH with rotary operators.

All Surion IEC Motor Starters include the following features:

  • Three position operators
  • Single-phase sensitivity
  • Trip test
  • Complete range of common accessories
  • 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • IEC and US markings

Global markings make Surion starters ideal for a number of applications, such as manual starters, combination starters, disconnects, main switch, emergency stop and maintenance service switch. A complete range of accessories extends the application flexibility of the line. Front and side mounted auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, short circuit reset/indicator alarm, shunt trip and under-voltage release allow the Surion to easily adapt to your specific needs.

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