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IEC Contactors & Starters (C2000 Series)

GE C2000 IEC Contactors and Starters offer a wide array of contactors, relays, accessories, enclosures and assembled starters to give you greater design versatility. GE's C2000 components are equipped with features that make them easier to install, allow more flexible configurations and lower inventory requirements, and make better use of panel board space. These components conform to international standards (UL, cUL and IEC-947) and have dual (U.S./European) markings to ensure global acceptance. A single nomenclature system allows simple sourcing worldwide. AC coils (both 50 Hertz and 60 Hertz versions) and DC coils are available for a wide range of voltages for flexibility.

GE C2000 Control Mini-Contactors are compact, convenient and compatible with most installation requirements. Combining the MCO contactors and MCR control relays with a wide selection of modular accessories creates a variety of configurations. The high-performance mini-contactors are ideal for even highly demanding conditions. With a mechanical life rated at 10 million operations, and electrical life (AC-3) rated in excess of 1 million operations at rated current, they are ideal for many applications including pumps, fans, hoists, conveyors and irrigation systems.

All GE C2000 contactors and relays offer positive guided contacts. This complies with the requirements of EH 60947-5-1. Except for auxiliary contacts BCL10G and BCLF01G, NO and NC auxiliary contacts and main contacts will not overlap. BCL10G and BCLF01G are intentionally designed to be overlapping.

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