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GE Transformer Gasket Sets

Proper gaskets are crucial to the life and safe functioning of electrical transformers. Used as sealing components, they keep essential cooling oils in and prevent overheating, while also keeping out moisture and humidity, ultimately extending the equipment life cycle and preventing costly failures.

The PSC solution

Parts Super Center can provide you with a complete set of gaskets designed specifically for your transformer, using the original GE drawings. Our technical specialists will work with you to design a custom gasket set to your specifications, unparalleled in fit, performance and ease of installation. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time upon receipt of order.

Contact us today to get your custom gasket package started: sales@pscparts.com.

Transformer gasket sets

Rome substation gasket sets

  • 7.5MVA to 11.99MVA
  • 12MVA to 25MVA
  • 112.5KVA to 2500KVA
  • Load tap changer gaskets
    • LTC 200A-3
    • LTC 200-3
  • Viton gaskets available

Pittsfield Power gasket sets

  • 10MVA to 50MVA
  • 51MVA to 200MVA
  • 200MVA to 700MVA
  • Load tap changer gaskets:
    • Load tap changer (LTC)
    • Radiators/coolers
    • Atmoseal
  • Viton gaskets available
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