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GE Replacement Drive Boards

New replacement parts for GE drives
Genuine factory replacement parts for your GE drives are the best alternative for your peace of mind. These parts are designed and manufactured in the same factory as the original drives and turbine control systems. You are assured that the replacement parts functionality and performance is identical to your installed system.

We have an extensive database of the original GE drives manufactured by GE to provide you with replacement parts, matching parts to original functionality and performance.

Re-manufactured drive boards offer a lower cost alternative to purchasing new parts, without the need to return a defective unit. Re-manufactured units are fully reconditioned, tested, repackaged and carry an 18-month limited warranty on the entire unit.

Repair and return
The most cost-effective repair option offered by GE is repair and return. Quality repair services done by GE on a full line of GE parts, including printed circuit boards, CNC, power supplies, SCR/Diode assemblies and selected core drives. It includes an 18-month limited warranty.

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