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GE K-3 Direct Current Motors

The K-3 line are 1-3HP DC Motors build for 180V industrial applications, with NEMA type K single phase, full wave power supply with free wheeling.

Continuous Rated Torque
  • Provides continuous-rate torque from 5-100% of base speed
  • Low inertia
  • Constant torque per ampere
  • UL recognized (file #E79538)
  • Low reactance voltage
  • C-face with footed or footless frame
  • Mounting provisions for tachometers—Adaptable with customer-supplied tachometer kits for the 5PY59JY tachometers from Excellon

Available models:

SKU#       HP       RPM       Volts       Enclosure     
 D301  1HP   1750/2050   180   TEFC 
 D304  1.5HP   1750/2050  180  TEFC 
 D307   2HP   1750/2050   180   TEFC 
 D309  3HP  2500/2750  180  TEFC
 D310  3HP  1750/2050  180  TEFC
 D315  1.5HP  1750  180  TEFC

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