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GE Permanent Magnet DC Motors

PM motors are small frame, permanent magnet, adjustable speed motors that are built for the rigors of variable speed applications.

Permanent magnet field — 1/4 - 3HP
Provides continuous-rate torque to 5% of base speed.

  • Rugged, continuous duty ratings
  • Constant pressure brush mechanism
  • Large ball bearings—Shielded and pre-lubricated to resist contamination
  • C-face and bolt-on base mounting—Standard C-face end-shields (standard on all motors) and bolt-on bases provide additional mounting options
  • Mounting provisions for tachometers—Adaptable with customer-supplied tachometer kits for the 5PY59JY tachometers from Excellon


Available models

 SKU#             HP               RPM         Volts         Enclosure      
 D273  1/4HP  1725  90   TENV 
 D274  1/3HP   1725  90   TENV 
 D275  1/2HP   1725  90  TEFC
 D276  1/2HP   1725   180   TEFC 
 D277  3/4HP  1725  90  TEFC
 D278  3/4HP   1725   180  TEFC 
 D279  1HP   1725   90   TEFC 
 D280  1HP   1725   180   TEFC 
 D289  1HP   2500   90   TEFC 

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