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Full Voltage Magnetic Starters (CR3)

GE’s 300-Line of NEMA rated controls has a complete offering of full voltage non-reversing, reversing, two-speed and combination motor starters, plus magnetic contactors.

They are available in NEMA Sizes 00-9; 600 Volts maximum, 1600 horsepower maximum. Open forms are available in sizes 00-9. Type 1 enclosures are available in sizes 00-6. Types 3R, 12, 4, and 4X enclosures are available in sizes 0-6. The 300-Line has standard specification approval by many major manufacturers for the toughest industrial applications.

  • Magnetic Contactors (CR305 and CR385)
  • Magnetic Non-reversing Starters (CR306 and CR386)
  • Magnetic Reversing and Two Speed Starters (CR309)
  • Combination Magnetic Starters (CR307, CR308, CR310, CR311, CR387, CR390 and CR385)
  • Combination Magnetic Safety Starters (CR307, CR308, CR310 and CR311)

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