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GE EntelliGuard® TU Test Kit

The EntelliGuard® TU Test Kit from GE is a lightweight, portable testing instrument designed for field-testing on EntelliGuard® TU Trip Units.

Don't fumble with connections or risk losing cables or parts ever again. The new PSCGTUTK20 EntelliGuard® Test Kit from Parts Super Center bundles GE's GTUTK20 Test Kit into a handy package that includes everything you will need in one place. When you're done testing, return everything to the protective foam enclosures knowing it is safely stored until the next time it is needed.

Each PSCGTUTK20 includes:

  • GTUTK20 EntelliGuard® Test Kit from GE
  • Hard case enclosure for the GTUTK20
  • PSC SafeKit case
  • TRTOOL Rating plug removal tool
  • GTP0200U0204 200A-400A Test plug
  • GTP0400U0410 400A-1000A Test plug
  • GTP1000U1025 1000A-2500A Test plug
  • GTP1500U1640 1600A-4000A Test plug
  • GTP2000U2050 2000A-5000A Test plug
  • DEH-4568A Users guide
  • 24V Power supply
  • 9 Pin serial communication cable (6ft)
  • 15 Pin monitor extension cable (6ft)

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