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Maintenance Cart for MV & LV Breakers

Designed from the ground up, the New Trunion Cart (Part # PSCTRUNIONCART), has been built with the maintenance professional in mind.  The PSC TRUNION CART can easily be dis-assembled and re-assembled in the field, allowing you to take the cart site to site.  We’ve also taken safety in mind, and have incorporated several features into the design which will make working on your PowerVac equipment safer.

Advantages of using the PSC TRUNION CART


  • No section of the unit weighs more than 65lbs
  • Total assembled weight 220lbs

Maneuverability – Designed to be easily disassembled to move from site to site

  • Capability to rotate breaker to access components and lubricate breaker
  • Breaker can easily loaded onto cart by skid loader, lift truck, or lift cart


  • Wheels can be locked in place
  • Breaker can be padlocked to remain on cart or at desired position
  • Breaker center of gravity is incorporated in the design to prevent breaker rotating freely


  • Greatly reduce time to perform maintenance

Selectivity – one maintenance cart for all your GE Equipment

  • Designed for use on MV Power Vac Breakers
  • Available Slide Adapter to accommodate LV AKR Breakers

Why use the PSC TRUNION CART rather than tipping the breaker on its side

  • Possibility of damaging the breaker and various breaker components
  • Limited accessibility and visibility for inspection and lubrication of breaker
    • Difficult to show breaker in closed position and viewing operation of mechanism
  • Ergonomic Issues – Help avoid some of the following
    • Back injuries from manually tipping 500lb breaker on its side
    • Knee or back injuries from working on or maintaining breaker on the ground
    • Finger and hand cuts due to limited or poor access due to being on side
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