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GE Medium Voltage Power Fuses

Medium voltage distribution systems often require special types of over-current protection. Current-limiting power fuses are widely used in these applications because they afford excellent over-current protection and noiseless operation, and can be used in confined spaces.

By limiting the let-through energy at the fault, properly applied current-limiting fuses assist in limiting or preventing short circuit damage to busways, circuit breakers, switches and other electrical components. Current-limiting power fuses are manufactured in ratings ranging from 0.6kV through 38kV and in continuous current ratings from 0.5 amperes through 900 amperes. Various designs are available for use with motors, transformers, capacitors and circuit protection equipment.

  • Industrial plants
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Underground residential services

The PSC Solution

Parts Super Center stocks hundreds of medium voltage power fuses. Contact us with your fuse part number or specification, or your GE equipment information. Our technical specialists will help you find the fuse you need, regardless of the application.

Contact us today to fulfill your renewal General Electric power fuse needs: sales@pscparts.com.



Medium voltage power fuses

General purpose CL power fuses

  • Protect transformers and distribution lines
  • Provide over-current protection and noiseless operation

E-rated power distribution fuses

  • Provide dependable, high-speed interruption of high-magnitude short circuit currents

R-rated motor starting ferrule fuses

  • Provide short circuit protection of medium voltage motors and motor controls
  • Provide current-limiting, high interruption rates

GE Limitamp style bolt-in R-rated motor starter fuses

  • Provide short circuit protection of GE Limitamp brand medium voltage motors and motor controls
  • Provide current-limiting, high interruption rates

GE PT fuses

  • Provide protection for potential transformers
  • Are small dimension, ferrule type current-limiting fuses

Fuse supports and disconnecting switches

  • Used to mount and install medium voltage fuses
  • Also support live parts and accessories


General Purpose CL power fuse 9F62 9F60 GE pt fuses 9F61 GE fuse supports and disconnects
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