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Oil Fused Cutouts (9F57)

GE Oil Fused Cutouts provide safe and economical over-current protection and load-break operation on distribution systems.

These versatile cutouts can be installed:

  • In schools and hospitals
  • In manholes or subway vaults
  • On poles in stadiums
  • On unit substations or load centers
  • In industrial areas for centralized load break or switching
  • In hazardous areas such as oil refineries

They come in two basic designs:

  • Vented Oil Cutouts may be used indoors or outdoors in applications requiring weather tight construction. They should not be used in explosive or flammable environments or where extreme water conditions are experienced, such as manholes, vaults or subways. If complete submersion or splashing water is possible, Sealed Oil Cutouts should be used.
  • Sealed Oil Cutouts are used in applications where submersion in water or splashing of water is possible, such as manholes, vaults or subways in underground installations, as well as in explosive or flammable environments.


  • No arc flame
  • No exposed live parts
  • Silver plated long-life contacts
  • Load break at up to 900amps
  • NEMA approved Class 1, Div. 2

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