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Motor Control Centers (7700 parts, 8000 and 9000 Series)

GE Motor Control Centers offer an ideal means of quickly providing centralized motor control and other related control equipment. A pre-engineered version of the GE motor control center is available at short-cycle and mid-cycle shipment. The product scope available includes combination starter units, feeder units, distribution transformers, lighting panels, relaying panels, programmable controllers and other miscellaneous devices to be installed in a single, floor-mounted enclosure and fed from a common enclosed horizontal and vertical bus system.Each GE motor control center vertical section is constructed of 0.090-inch (13-gauge) steel subjected to a special corrosion-resistant zinc-phosphate treatment followed by a powder paint process using ANSI-61 light gray alkyd-enamel paint. Each section houses the horizontal and vertical bus. The entire line-up is powered by a single incoming-line connection. Each vertical section includes 72 inches of vertical space units consisting of starters, feeders, transformers, panels, incoming terminal boards and/or enclosure spaces for future units.

Standard UL labeled NEMA 1 enclosure contain: 

  • 600-ampere, three-phase, copper tin-plated horizontal main bus,
  • 300-ampere, three-phase, copper tin-plated vertical bus, and
  • bracing to withstand a fault current of 65,000 rms symmetrical. 

A wide array of renewal parts are available from the Parts Super Center, including O/L resets, transformers, filler kits, blank doors and hinges.