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GE WavePro™ Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers

Building on GE ED&C's extensive experience and proven excellence in power circuit breaker technology, the WavePro™ line takes power circuit breaker performance to a higher level of quality, reliability and value.

WavePro™ low voltage power circuit breakers are designed for use in the most demanding environments and rigorous applications. Built for consistent reliability, they provide the ultimate in system protection to ensure maximum uptime for your critical power applications.

When your facility requires new switchgear for distribution, engine generator or UPS backup power systems, specify WavePro™ breakers—the industry's most robust low voltage power circuit breakers.

WavePro™ breakers have the features that customers demand.

  • True closed door draw-out design allows for maximum operator safety while inserting or withdrawing breaker.
  • Key operating information is clearly visible on the front of the breaker, eliminating the need to open the equipment door to access this information.
  • Dedicated breaker accessories and secondary disconnect points allow for one standardized breaker wiring diagram.
  • Redesigned and improved breaker-to-equipment integration ensures easier, more robust draw-out operation.
  • Accessories install easily in the field, with minimal adjustments required.

Field installed accessories
WavePro™ breakers feature standardized wiring to dedicated secondary disconnect points for all accessories. This allows you to easily add accessories to the breaker, should it become necessary after the breaker is installed. Field installed accessories include: auxiliary switch, shunt trip, under-voltage device, electrical lockout device, bell alarm—with or without lockout—"hidden-on" button, close and trip push button covers, remote close accessory, remote charge indicator and operations counter. Trip units can be upgraded easily and the breakers can be made "power management ready" so that stepping up to the top-of-the-line EntelliGuard™ trip unit is as easy as replacing the trip unit—no additional modifications to the breaker are required.


  • Carbon 100% rated 800, 1600, 2000, 3200, 4000 and 5000 amp frame sizes
  • Drawout metal frame construction simplifies maintenance and adds durability for long life
  • Designed to meet IEEE/ANSI C37.13, C37.16, C37.17, and tested to ANSI C37.50
  • UL1066 listed for use in UL 1558 switchgear 
  • Listed and labeled to CSA C22.2 accessories (all are able to be installed in the field)
  • Complete range of voltage ratings available
  • Remote close, shunt trip, under-voltage and electric lockout
  • Auxiliary switches (4 or 7 stage)
  • Remote charge indication
  • Bell alarm with manual reset target—with or without lockout
  • "Hidden on" button
  • Operations counter


Additional features

  • True closed door draw-out design for maximum operator safety and quick access to breaker data
  • Integral flush mounted spring charging handle—standard on manually and electrically operated breakers
  • Up to 72 secondary disconnect points—all breaker accessories have dedicated wiring points
  • Charge after close mechanism—all frame sizes 
  • New line of simplified OEM substructures and accessories available
  • Optional safety shutters for substructures and equipment
  • Easily accessible breaker lockout features 

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