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Philadelphia Switchgear

Over 150,000 Magne Blast circuit breakers where manufactured by GE. Dependable and durable, they remain the backbone of many medium voltage systems. Parts Super Center offers a full compliment of parts to return and keep your Magne Blast circuit breakers and ML switchgear in optimal condition. 

  • Bushings
  • Contacts
  • Switches
  • Interlocks
  • Closing Spring
  • Opening Spring
  • Trip Coils
  • Charging Motors
  • Ratchet Wheel
  • Latching Pawl
  • Prop Spring
  • Secondary Disconnect
  • Operating Rod
  • Operating Rod Pin
  • Pistons
  • Arc Chutes
  • Blow Out Coils
  • Pole Pieces
  • Phase Barriers
  • Primary Contacts
  • Arcing Contacts
  • Mechanism Replacement Kits


For a complete listing of the 150,000 parts and $12 million dollars of inventory Parts Super Center offers simply click here.