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Bushing Potential Device (KA-108)

A critical accessory for any distribution network, the GE KA-108 bushing potential device provides a safe, reliable means to operate instruments and relays from high voltage circuits (115kV and above) where no other means of power control is safe. The KA-108 is well suited to operate Syncroscopes, volt- and watt-meters, and indicating lights.


Protection and control equipment for:

  • Generating plants
  • Substations
  • Transmission lines

*Not recommended where precise accuracy is require or in place of high voltage metering equipment

The PSC solution

Parts Super Center is exclusively licensed to manufacture legacy GE renewal parts.

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KA-108 features

  • Ground switch—For removing high voltage and adjusting to a variety of high voltage bushings
  • Spark gap—To protect the device circuit from abnormally high surge voltages
  • Flexible, metal-covered cable—To eliminate live circuit exposure in the connection between the bushing and the device
  • Durable construction—Capable of withstanding harsh environments