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Brakes, AC & DC (IC9528 and IC9516)

Brakes used as holding, stopping or retarding brakes on cranes, hoists, conveyors, movable bridges, rolling-mill drives and other machinery, must respond quickly to prevent the load from drifting or coasting after power is cut off.

DC Spring-set Shoe Brakes (IC9528) feature single-end adjustment, enclosed terminal boxes, encapsulated coils, self-lubricating bearings and offer complete magnetic inter-changeability.

AC Spring-set Shoe Brakes (IC9516) are electrically released by solenoids and provide reliable, low-cost operation in numerous applications. AC brakes feature durable, shock resistant linings, long solenoid life, non-asbestos linings and adjustable time-delay settings.

Parts Super Center offers a full line of renewal parts for your GE brakes, including contactors, brake linings, shoes and pads, solenoids, springs and coils.

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