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AKD Low Voltage Switchgear

AKD-10 Switchgear is industrial-duty equipment built to ANSI standards and uses 100% rated WavePro™ and EntelliGuard® Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers. It is designed to have more margin within its ratings to provide maximum continuity of service for those applications subject to severe duty, such as repetitive switching encountered with motor starting, power factor correction, demand control, load shedding, etc.

A major factor contributing to this extended continuity of service is the availability of renewal parts, complete with detailed maintenance instructions and original equipment documentation. From a coordination standpoint, WavePro™ circuit breakers provide full selectivity with each other and with other protective devices. The bus sizing is based on temperature rise rather than on current density (as with switchboard construction).


AKD-10 switchgear is available with the following maximum nominal ratings:

  • 600 Vac
  • 5000 Amps ac
  • 50/60 Hz
  • 2200 Vac RMS dielectric
  • 200 kA symmetrical short circuit

Safety and reliability features

Standard and optional features are available with AKD-10 switchgear in order to meet the increasing industry emphasis on maximum uptime, system reliability and operating personnel safety:

  • Closed-door draw-out
  • Closed-door operation
  • Closed-door control circuit accessibility
  • Closed-door trip unit setup and display
  • Low-voltage power circuit breaker locking
  • Safety shutters
  • Defeatable door interlock
  • Key interlocks
  • Breaker lifting device
  • IR scanning windows
  • Remote racking

Available accessories:

  • Auxiliary switch
  • Bell alarm
  • Electrical lockout
  • Fuse and fan
  • Fuse Rollout
  • Hidden-on button and push button covers
  • Lifting tool
  • Open fuse lockout
  • Secondary disconnect
  • Shunt trip
  • Spring charging motor
  • Undervoltage device

Older vintages

GE AKD-8 low-voltage switchgear is a freestanding assembly of metal-enclosed sections containing
low-voltage power circuit breakers, bus bars, cable termination provisions, auxiliary power circuit protective devices, controls and instrumentation. It may also be an integral part of a load center unit substation, either single- or double-ended.

All of the primary circuit switching and protective devices, secondary control and metering devices, control fuses, and instrument transformers are mounted in the enclosure. The breaker compartments include draw-out rails, stationary breaker contacts, interlocks and necessary control and indicating devices. The breakers are provided with self-aligning primary and secondary disconnecting contacts, breaker locking mechanism and integral trip programmer.

  • Jackscrew kits for older vintages
  • Remote racking

AKD-5 & 6

GE AKD-5 & 6 low voltage switchgear are free-standing assembled metal-enclosed units of power
circuit breakers and other auxiliary power circuit protective devices. They may also be a part of a single- or double-ended load center unit substation.

All of the switching and protective devices, control and metering devices, control fuses and instrument transformers are mounted in the enclosure. The breaker positions are all of the draw-out type. The breakers are provided with self coupling primary and secondary disconnecting contacts and incorporate positive and indirect interlocks to insure proper operating sequence.

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