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Critical Workforce Certification

Class L Fuses

Mersen Class L Fuses

PSC has access to Mersen low voltage fuses to protect your equipment. Choose from a range of voltages, ampacities, and mounting options to find the fuse for your application.


A4BQ : 20% more current-limiting than any other Class L fuse on the market. When correctly coordinated, they bring a superior level of protection to service entrance equipment.


A4BY: When it comes to protecting service entrance equipment, feeder circuits, and circuit breakers, A4BY fuses are the industry’s favorite.


A4BT: The high interrupting rating of A4BT current-limiting fuses is ideally suited for protecting mains, feeders, and general circuits. The 10-second time-delay at 500% of fuse rating is ideal for large motors and other loads with a high inrush.




Mersen: UL/CSA fuse brochure



The PSC Solution

Contact us with your fuse part number or specification, or your GE equipment information. Our technical specialists will help you find the fuse you need, regardless of the application.

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