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GE Limitamp Contactors

GE Limitamp contactors are used throughout industry to control and protect squirrel-cage, synchronous and wound-motors. They can also be used to feed transformers and other power-utilization circuits. GE Limitamps are either stationary or draw-out and are rated 200A, 400A or 800A.



  • Air conditioning
  • Pumps
  • Compressors


The PSC solution

Parts Super Center stocks the critical spares you need to keep your CR193/194 and CR1760 GE Limitamp contactors in service.

Contact us today to fulfill your critical spare needs: sales@pscparts.com.

Limitamp critical spares


  • Main bus: 3600A max
  • System voltage: 2.4-7.2kV
  • UL 347, IEEE/ANSI C37
  • Enclosure types: NEMA 1, 1A, 2, 3R, 12
  • Bus bracing: 50 KA symmetrical


  • Heavy gauge vertical construction, 1 or 2 high
  • Highly customizable, modular enclosure
  • Epoxy insulated bus available
  • Visible blade disconnect switch position
  • Quick make/break non-load disconnect switch


CR7160 Limitamp cubicle parts



CR194 vacuum Limitamp cubicle parts



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