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Heavy duty limit switches

GE Heavy-Duty Limit Switches

Limit switches are electro-mechanical contact sensing devices used to detect the presence or position of objects in industrial applications. As a target makes contact with the limit switch operator, it eventually moves the actuator to the limit,where the electrical contacts change state. Through this mechanical action, electrical contacts are either opened (in a normally closed—NC—circuit) or closed (in a normally open—NO—circuit), preventing the target from moving past a predetermined point. GE produced a number of limit switches to suit the needs of a variety of applications.

  • Materials handling
  • Industrial doors and lift equipment
  • Assembly equipment
  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper mills


The PSC solution

Parts Super Center is exclusively licensed to manufacture legacy General Electric limit switches and renewal parts to exact GE specifications. We provide a full range of heavy-duty, industrial and general purpose limit switches and accessories to meet all your control needs.

Contact us today to fulfill your legacy limit switch requirements: sales@pscparts.com.

Heavy-duty limit switches

Cam-operated heavy-duty (IC9446)

  • Feature a positive circuit opening and independent Vernier adjustment
  • Switches rated 60-rpm utilize snap-action contacts
  • Switches rated 60- and 150-rpm have adjustable length cams
  • Switches rated 600-rpm have 180-degree cam loves sloped for high-speed operation

Lever-operated heavy-duty (IC9445)

  • Switches utilize a variety of lever styles to actuate internal contacts
  • Contacts available in standard and snap-action forms
  • Actuated in both directions
  • Available in NO or NC arrangements; can be mixed
  • Overlapping and non-overlapping designs available in general purpose or water-tight enclosures


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