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Upcoming Webinar

May 13, 2020 _ 1_30 - 2_30 PM EST

Troubleshooting Control Valves on GE Oil Circuit Breaker Mechanisms

On Wednesday, May 13 at 1:30 EDT, Parts Super Center will be conducting a webinar on troubleshooting control valves on GE Oil Circuit Breaker Mechanisms.

Troubleshooting Control Valve on GE Oil Circuit Breaker Mechanisms WebinarControl Valve
May 13, 2020
1:30 - 2:30 PM EDT

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About Your Presenter

Mr. Wasacz is the Program Manager responsible for General Electric's Magneblast Circuit Breaker and Switchgear product line as well as for Outdoor Oil Circuit Breakers manufactured in GE's Philadelphia Circuit Breaker Plant. He has more than 30 years experience in design, maintenance, and operations of circuit breakers and switchgear from both the utility operator and OEM perspective. He includes the late Mr. Edward. J Dugan, GE's Chief Switchgear Design Engineer, as one of his mentors. He is an active participant in the Electric Power Research Institutes Nuclear Circuit Breaker Users Group. He has authored, published, and presented numerous papers during his career and is pleased to be sharing this valuable information with the industry. Mr. Wasacz holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and is a balloting member of IEEE's C37 switchgear committee.