GE H Series Natural Gas Compressor (GEMINI - HPD, HPDD, HPSS, HPDS)

The Gemini H Series compressors (formally designated models HPD, HPDD, HPSS, HPDS) are designed to run continuously for extended periods while unattended. This high-speed unit forgives non-reversals through its unique wrist-pin needle bearing design. The extensive double-acting and stepped cylinder line-up gives maximum staging flexibility. A workhorse in field gas applications, the H Series can also provide up to 6000 PSIG for CNG vehicle refueling. The compact packager friendly design features a “ through shaft” fan adapter that allows the cooler to be driven by the pump end of the compressor, shortening overall skid size, and simplifying the piping design.


TYPE: Horizontal balanced opposed, two throws or four throws.

FRAME: Heavy walled, one piece alloy iron casting with reinforcing ribs. Removable alloy iron crosshead guides surrounded by large cooling passages.

CRANKSHAFT: Forged steel design with integral counterweights.

CYLINDERS: A wide range of air cooled cylinder options are available. Cylinders arrangements include double acting, tandem, and stepped piston designs. Non lube available for special applications.

COMPRESSOR VALVES: Steel valve seats and guards. Valve springs, lift, and plates can be tailored meet your performance conditions. PEEK or MT valve plates are standard.

PISTON/PISTON RODS: Hard anodized aluminum alloy or cast iron pistons. Weight controlled at factory so weight matching of parts is not necessary in the field. Carbon filled Teflon piston rings standard. 4140 steel piston rods with rolled threads. Full floating vented rod and wiper packing.

CONNECTING RODS: Ductile iron. Precision insert type bearings on crank end and roller bearings on pin end.

CROSSHEAD AND GUIDES: One piece ductile iron crossheads with babbitted faces. Replaceable cast iron crosshead guides. Replaceable Grade 8622 steel crosshead pin bushings.

LUBRICATION/COMPRESSOR: Gear type lube oil pump driven directly by compressor shaft. Full flow spin-on lube oil filter. Oil pump relief valve.

LUBRICATION/PACKING AND CYLINDER: Integral single pump force feed lubricator with block distribution systems, cycle indicator, and Kenco No-flow shutdown switch. Stainless steel tubing with plated fittings piped to the cylinders and packing. Lubrication feed rate is fully adjustable. Pump includes a hand priming pump, and rupture relief disk.

STANDARD TESTING: One hour mechanical run test and post test inspection to GE Gemini standards. Hydrotest of all cylinders to GE Gemini standards.

STANDARD ASSESORIES: Digital parts list (1). Digital maintenance/ operating manuals (2). General arrangement drawings (2). Lifting eyes. Special tools; spanner wrench for piston, rod insert tool.

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Variable volume clearance pockets, vibrations switches, CSA or XP No Flow switches, export Boxing, immersion oil heaters, flywheels and drive couplings.

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